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Liturgy and worship
Liturgies in other languages

Liturgies in other languages

Liturgy in the Evangelical Lutheran Church

The word "liturgy" is used in the Christian church with the meaning of "service". It designates the order of worship, including the sacraments and rites performed in the church, e.g. baptism, marriage and funeral. The liturgy used in the Evangelical Lutheran Church can be found in Danish in the Hymnbook (pages 793-878), which is common to all the parish churches. The liturgy allows for certain variations. Many churches have copies of their version of the liturgy available. Do ask for it if you want to be able to follow the order of worship.

Liturgies in other languages

Parts of the liturgies have been translated into other languages.

You can find liturgies in other languages on this weblink.

An English translation can also be found in "Hymns in English. A Selection of Hymns from The Danish Hymnbook", published by Det Kgl. Vajsenshus in 2009.