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Special church services

Special church services

In addition to the Sunday service, many parish churches have special church services. Usually, special services do not follow the liturgy of the højmesse. The order of events and the type of events during a special service are defined according to a particular audience (e.g. children), a theme (e.g. creation) or a specific music style (e.g. rock or gospel). Examples of special services are rock services, harvest services, international services, children’s services, night church (natkirke) and spaghetti services. A spaghetti service is a concept that consists of a service for families followed by a meal. 

Some special services involve the contribution of local children's clubs, youth organisations or institutions, e.g. schools. A special service allows for the use of drama, sketches, images, artefacts and children's songs to a larger degree than does the Sunday service. Certain services are meditative while others encourage movement.

Contact the pastor or another person working in your church to learn more about the kind of services that the church arranges.